26 Things I Learned This Year


Hey! I turned 26 yesterday!!! As I like to do on my birthday, I rung in the start of this next year of being alive by watching the sunrise! Doing so always makes me think about where I’m at in life, what I’ve learned, and where I want to go. Sooooo, here are 26 things that this year have taught me and/or big life events!

  1. Big rocks first…. aka do the important things before you do the not important things.
  2. Graduated law school. (!!!)
  3. Started my 3rd season coaching club volleyball.
  4. Found a love for apple watches.
  5. I can wear the color black, use to think I couldn’t cause my hair is dark. Game. Changer.
  6. Went to Disneyland 3 times in one year. (!!)
  7. Lipstick liner really is helpful, not pointless.
  8. Grey’s Anatomy is awesome.
  9. I re-found my love for scarfs.
  10. Homes with two bedrooms > one bedroom.
  11. Replaced my car headlights 7 times #Arizona
  12. I like detached mouses better than touch pads on a lap top. (The control! You guys, I’ve been missing this)
  13. Started my first “adult job.” Yay, Honeywell!
  14. Bought my first matching set of suitcases.
  15. The Acorns App!! (it invests “spare change” for you, aka if you send 75 cents it invests 25 cents, which really does add up)
  16. Went to Disneyland with Jaron for the first time.
  17. Changed my last name/took Jarons.
  18. My Brother got married!
  19. Bright red lipstick does look good on me. (anyone else have a phobia when it comes to specific lipstick colors?)
  20. Got our first Apple desktop computer.
  21. Finished our wedding scrap book/started the one for our “First Year of Marriage.”
  22. Got to watch Presley sign a D-1 scholarship w/ bowling green state.
  23. I became an Aunt!
  24. Surprised McKaden with a trip to Disneyland. (I must really like Disneyland, three times in one post lol)
  25. Moved across the street.
  26. Fell in love with Jaron a little more 😉



We saw Cadet Kelly!!! My sister is at the Air Force Academy and we popped up there for a tournament and a volleyball banquet and some much needed Kelly time! I loved getting to pull out my winder clothes for one last hurrah before we hit 100+ temps here in AZ. We got to tour the Academy, see down town Colorado Springs, and eat some delicious ice cream!!! The historic balconies strung with lights were pretty, and the windows looking out on the main street were begging to have pictures taken in front of them. And while you know I’m a sucker for those classic, historic buildings, I think the best part was spending time with my sister! It always blows my mind how she looks a little more mature every time I see her… her face keeps growing up and it makes me feel old as all get out! haha I love my sister and it was so much fun seeing her for a short weekend trip!